Custom Screen Printing

At Think Ink, Inc. in Crystal Lake, IL we use one of the oldest arts in producing art in repetition on textiles, or fabrics which is screen printing. Screen printing is more popular than ever! Silk screening
uses silk to make the screen mesh, however polyester is much better
to handle the high demands and tolerances. Think Ink takes great
pride in their printing facility. We will even give you a tour. In fact we challenge you to take a look at any other facility in the area, if they let you, and you decide who you want to handle your business. Although we are a small compact shop, our efficient production capabilities allows us to keep up with any production demands. With a 7-color automated press and two 6-color manual presses, we're able to print 1,000 shirts per hour on the automated press alone, giving you a top quality print every time. Using the best equipment and materials in the business and decades of expert knowledge, Think Ink has produced award winning prints and will make you look great.